Thursday, 4 October 2012

New Year Status Messages

Whether u Stay Far or Near,
Whether u Ignore or Care,
U'll Alwayz be luvble & Dear,
I'm Here Missing & So Wishing U,
A Very Happy New Year in Advance...
Cheerz 2 a new year and another chance 4 us 2 get it right.....

"Happy New Year",
I know itz 2 Early,
but I’ve 100z of,
Handsome GUYz and,
GIRLS 2 Wish, so,
I decided 2 finish off,
Unclez and Auntiez First..
Wishing u a new year rich wid the blessingz of luv, joy, warmth, and laughter....
Another fresh new year iz here ,,,Another year 2 live, 2 banish wory, doubt, and fear, 2 luv and laugh n give...
 force the previous year intoO the
quiet midpoint of the the past
Let it go, 4 it waZ flawed,
and show gratitude God Dat it can go
Let the firecracker start, permit toast the New Year..
My new year resolution
I wouldn't upset about responsibility things
true system or the incorrect way.
This year,
I am gonna do things my way.

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