Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Birthday Text Messages

LIKE A FRESH DEWDROPz of a new day.
may GOD'z luving u handz be upon u 2day,
2 freshen ur soul n body HAPY B-DAY...
On the pagez of rosez,
with the ink of moon lite,
2 wordz has written for u,
my dear,
Happy Birthday....
Luvly msg 4 a Lovely Person,
from Luvly Friend,
4 a Luvly Reason,
at a Luvly Time,
from a Luvly Mind,
in a Luvly Mood,
in a Luvly Style,
to wish u,
Have a uvly "BirthDay"..
Smile is a curveA smile iz a curve that
setz everything straite
and wipez wrinkle away
hope u share a lotz and
receive a lotz 4 dayz 2 come

happy birthday …
Thinking Of U,
And The Gud Timez,
We Spent,
Make Me Smile,

Hapy Birthday,
2 A Friend Who Alwayz,
Close My HEART..

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