Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Love Messages

Do I need u
And I luv u so?
It is the great questions...
Because my luv
Is only for you,
And it's eternal,
Full of passion.
I luv u....
And I do luv u!

I am missing my luv
because I am not able 2
talk 2 him, not even able
2 see him. The feeling I get
without him iz thiz...
The greatest weaknes
of most humanz
iz their hesitancy
2 tell otherz
how much they luv them
while they're alive.
Understanding iz deeper than luv
There r many people who luv uz
but very few who understand uz….
(True fact of life)
Love Some1,
Not Because They Give,
You What u Need,


Because They Give u Feelingz,
U Never Thought u Needed...
smile make flowarz alive
smile make flowarz alive
sing make birdz alive
open urz eyez make sun alive
hum make statue alive
keep urz lipz on my hart
2 make me alive

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