Friday, 24 August 2012

Cute Love Text Messages

I mis u like the night misses the starz.
I mis u when i laugh, when i cry,
even when it'z cold out,
I don't know what else my luv..
But i mis u...
I don't need some1 who seez the,
in me. I need some1 who seez the bad,
and still wantz me.....
We mis some1 only 4,
2 Reasons,
The person is in ur heart,
Either u wanted 2 be in,
That person'z heat....
I may run out of msg 2 text u,
I may run out of msg 2 text u,
I may run out of jokez too,
I may also run out of battery or even a Tk too,
But my heart won't run out of space 4 u....

Scratch & win
Congratulations U have won My Hert
ur hart iz my home
Warm, cozy n nice
It's the only place
I luv 2 be in..
Morning, nooon and nite
I love you

Monday, 13 August 2012

Sweet Love Messages

There iz nite so we can appreciate day,
sorrow so we can appreciate joy,
evil so we can appreciate gud,
U so I can appreciate luv.

Don't lose the one u luv 4 the one u like because the one u like might lose u 4 who they love.
I asked God 4 a minute n he gave me a day,
I asked God 4 a flower n he gave me a bouquet,
I asked God 4 love and he gave me that too,
I asked God 4 an angel and he gave me u....
A candle may melt,
and it’z fire may die,
but the luv u have given me,
will alwayz stay az a flame,
in my heart......
Flowers say if u like me, not pluck me.
Birds say if u like me not catch me,
I say if u like me, don't forget me,
Always remember me,
My Luv.
The mind iz the most,
exceptional limb it workz,
24 hourz a day 365 dayz,
a year form birth until u fall in luv.